What Conditions Can You Use Gravity Boots to Treat & 3 Affordable Pairs You Can Own Today

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What Conditions Can You Use Gravity Boots to Treat & 3 Affordable Pairs You Can Own Today

Gravity boots are a new concept for many people. Most people haven’t heard about them, much less seem them. Gravity boots provide one of the most efficient exercises for the abs.

Gravity boots allow you to hang from a pull-up bar upside down. The boots are also called inversion boots because the body is in an inverted position.

They offer an innovative workout that would be hard to replicate elsewhere. When compared to other exercises for the abs, the boots provide for a better range of motion. You cannot use the different parts of the body to assist with workouts because you’re hanging upside down.

Each boot has a hook that is used to fasten yourself to the pull-up bar before you hang upside down. Gravity boots are not new inventions. They were first popular in the late 70s when movies such as Rocky and American Gigolo presented them to the attention of the public.

Sadly, the fad died. The boots are not a useless fitness gadget. Using gravity boots is more effective than most exercises done in a gym. The lack of use is likely that they are intimidating to those who have not used them.

Most people haven’t hung upside down since they were kids. Using gravity boots is an exercise suited for progression. When unweighted reps become easy, additional weight can be added by holding a dumbbell.

There is no limit to the progression of gravity boot crunches. The exercise belongs in a class of its own when compared to conventional ab exercises such as regular sit-ups and crunches.

Besides offering a phenomenal ab workout, gravity boots allow the body to stretch out and decompress following hours behind a computer screen or after a long workout.

Throughout the day, many people work or move in positions that compress the spine. Gravity boots can aid in alleviating some of that compression that people subject their bodies to regularly.

Physiotherapists have prescribed inversion therapy to help with ailments such as back pain. Using gravity boots is inversion therapy. After a workout, hang for a few minutes, relax, and give your body a long stretch.

Here are the steps to take when using gravity boots.

  • Find a suitable pull-up bar
  • Strap the boots on
  • Hook to the bar
  • Do inverted sit-ups
  • Carefully dismount

You want a pull-up bar high enough to allow hanging from the ankles without the head hitting the floor. Parallel pull-up bars found in some gyms can be used if you do not have access to a conventional, straight pull-up bar.

Most gravity boots have a two-buckle system. The boots should be snug but not cut off circulation. Be sure the hooks are directly forward. To get into position, approach the bar as though you were doing hanging leg raises.

Lift the legs up to be in line with the bar. Deliberately hook each boot to the bar. Do not attempt to do both boots at the same time. Your ankles will comfortably support you.

Focus on doing crunches toward your ankles. You may want to touch the floor after each rep. It is not unusual to swing until you master stabilizing the lower body properly.

After completing a set, hang for a moment to establish your bearings.

To dismount, do another crunch to grab the bar with both hands. You can also use your hands to climb your legs to reach the bar if you are tired.

It is a faster method that ensures you won’t remain dangling. One by one, unhook the boots from the pull-up bar. Lower the legs down to the floor.

Recommended Gravity Boots

Below are three recommended gravity boots to try.

Missyee Inversion Boots

They are top-of-the-line boots and quite versatile. The boots are designed to work with bars other than those manufactured by Missyee.

missyee inversion boots

A chin-up bar that you already have at home is an excellent choice. No manual is needed to attach the Missyee Inversion Boots.

The boots come with a money-back guarantee, Advantages of this gravity boot include:

  • Allowing quick recovery from compression fatigue caused by weight training, bicycling, stepping, aerobic training, and jogging.
  • They counteract gravity’s pull, which provides relief from many forms of back spasms and pain associated with the gravitational pull on muscles, discs, and spines.

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

tonyko inversion gravity boots

The best inversion boots do not have to cost a fortune. Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots are an excellent choice.

They are among the most reasonably priced and as versatile as you like. The Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots perform various exercises.

They relieve and prevent a variety of diseases caused by standing or sitting for long periods like cervical spondylosis, lumbar, and cardiovascular disease. Those recovering from compression fatigue can recover quickly.

It takes only a few minutes each day to spread apart compressed discs causing pain. For your safety, the boots are made of high-strength stainless steel and have double easy installed locks.

The boots can hold over 300 pounds. The comfortable padding offers a contoured fit and ensures the ankles do not hurt during inversion. The sturdy boots and buckles ensure the feet remain in place while inverted.

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

teeter ez up gravity boots

These gravity boots are a compact inversion solution. Besides the standard, inverted stretching and decompression, the Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots allow comfortable inverted exercise performance that includes leg workouts and core strengthening.

Thick foam liners are covered by a light, durable shell. The boots surround each ankle and secure them with self-locking, adjustable ratchet buckles that provide a customized fit.

They are the perfect solution to elevate comfort while inverted. The Teeter gravity boots offer forgiving, flexible support with optional calf loops that assist by causing a slight knee been that eliminates sore feet and knee loads. These gravity boots have a five-year warranty.