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Many people around the world suffer from back pain and other muscle stress caused by fatigue, scoliosis, and other health problems. Most of the time, people relieve their pain by taking medications, which unfortunately can cause adverse side effects. In the worst cases, back pain is treated with surgery.

If you have back pain, will you take pain killers or undergo surgery? Is there any other treatment for back pain? In fact, there is: inversion therapy.

This article discusses inversion therapy, inversion tables, and includes an inversion table buying guide, inversion table reviews, and more.

First thing’s first. What is inversion therapy? How is it done? Is it safe for everyone?

What is inversion therapy?

Inversion therapy meant to relieve suffering from back pain and other muscle stress. The patient hangs upside down, head down and feet up, to reduce the gravitational pressure on the nerves and disks of the spine and to increase the space between the vertebrae.

Inversion therapy is a kind of physical therapy which stretches the spine to reduce back pain. It can also help improve the nervous system, defy the aging process, reduce mental stress, strengthen the immune system, detox internal organs, and more.

However, evaluations find that inversion therapy is not effective for providing long term relief. It is very helpful, though, for providing temporary relief to people who undergo a comprehensive treatment program for lower back pain.

Is inversion therapy safe?

Inversion therapy causes slowed heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and increased pressure within the eyeballs. Health professionals do not recommend it for people with glaucoma, high blood pressure, or heart disease. It can also cause dizziness for beginners.

What is an inversion table?

In inversion therapy, an inversion table is used. It is not a typical table used for dining. It is a medical apparatus made of sturdy materials. It hangs the patient upside down. It can be adjusted up to 180 to 360 degrees.

Inversion table buying guides

Inversion tables are used by professional athletes and people with back pain. Since it hangs the patient upside down, it needs to be sturdy enough to support the body weight and frame.

Inversion tables that are poorly made or have low quality materials are prone to breakage and can cause injuries.

Are you planning to buy your own inversion table? Before you do so, here are some important things to consider:


The most important thing to check in an inversion table is the material. High quality materials often used include heavy gauge steel tubing, carbon steel, and metal.

You do not want to buy inversion tables made of materials lower quality than high carbon steel.

Beware of making your purchase at Walmart because inversion tables sold there are usually made of low quality plastic. That is why it is cheaper there compared to other stores. It can be a health hazard and worsen your condition.


Inversion table frames come in two types – static, like those found in gyms, and foldable, which is easy to set up and store. Usually, the frames have a minimum and maximum weight and height.  A good inversion table should accommodate different body frames and height.

Back padding

To ensure comfort while being help upside down, back padding and other pads for different body parts should be built into the inversion table. Back padding can be thick or thin, but the thick ones are more comfortable.

Some back paddings have a notch on top to let you rest your face down or up. Some are removable, which makes it convenient to exercise while in an inverted position.

Adjustable clamps

The adjustable clamps accommodate different sizes of feet. Their purpose is to secure the ankle.


Most economy inversion tables are adjusted by the user. He or she rotates the table manually. On the other hand, more expensive, premium inversion tables can be adjusted with just the flick of a switch.

Adjustable inversion degree

As a beginner, you do not want to put yourself upside down at a full 360 degrees. It might cause dizziness. You should start with 30 degrees and rotate gradually until you get used to the therapy.

Inversion should be practiced gradually. An inversion table with controllable inversion degree allows you to invert at any acceptable degree.

Inversion table reviews

There are many inversion tables on the market today. But are all of them safe and effective? To learn more details about a particular inversion table, read the user feedback.

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