Inversion Table for Sciatica Pain – How Can You Use it Effectively and What’s The Best in The Market Today?

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Inversion Table for Sciatica

Sciatica sufferers know first-hand how debilitating and painful the condition can be. There are times when flare-ups prevent victims from moving around. It is crucial for those with sciatica to seek proper treatment and follow instructions that will help improve the condition.

Often, people feel that the only treatment options for sciatica are invasive surgery or living with the pain. An inversion table for sciatica and other non-surgical methods are available for treating the condition. Simple ways to ease the pain include:

  • Specific exercises, done routinely
  • Not overexerting yourself
  • Using an inversion therapy table

Causes of Sciatica

The definition of sciatica is the discomfort or pain along the sciatic nerve. The location of the sciatic nerve begins in the lower back and extends into the legs and feet. Any pain felt along the nerve is referred to as radiculopathy or sciatica. Common causes are:

  • Degenerative disc diseases
  • Herniated discs
  • In rare cases, tumors
  • Muscle injury
  • Slipped discs
  • Spinal fractures
  • Spinal stenosis

Recognizable Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica exhibits various symptoms and there is a range in severity. People experience pain most often in the lower back, feet, legs, and buttocks. The nature of the pain differs from one person to another.

The suggested treatment for sciatica depends on the cause of the pain. Some doctors suggest surgical options while others recommend a non-invasive treatment such as physical therapy. Often, patients with herniated discs are told surgery is necessary for pain relief.

Studies show that regular exercise—performed correctly—eases sciatic nerve pain and pain relief along the spine, if not resolve it. Inversion tables are also helpful in alleviating the symptoms of sciatica. Before beginning any exercise regime to reduce pain, consult your doctor.

Individual needs are determined by the causes of the pain. You do not want to make nerve problems worse unintentionally. A doctor may recommend physical therapy on the spine, at-home exercise, or using an inversion table for sciatica to relieve symptoms.

How Can an Inversion Table Help?

Among the best ways to relieve pain caused by sciatica is the use of an inversion table. Gravity takes over as you are turned upside down. Compression and other back issues are alleviated. Sciatic nerve pain symptoms are significantly improved.

People with various issues benefit from inversion therapies. Some inversion equipment is dangerous and challenging to use. Some people choose inversion boots or racks for back pain or other symptom relief.

It requires better physical condition than most people possess to use them safely and correctly. Inversion tables are safe and easy to use. They are adjustable for different comfort levels and they do not require the user to be fully upside down.

As with any new activity or exercise, it is important to start slowly. Follow the doctor’s exercise plan and advice closely to prevent further injury. When used correctly, inversion therapy offers benefits for many types of health conditions.

Benefits of Inversion Tables Include:

  • Help in reducing and preventing muscle spasms
  • Improved circulation that increases oxygen flow in the body
  • Spinal decompression that reduces pressure and pain surrounding discs, muscles, and nerves
  • Stretches muscles that are sore, tense, or tight

It is recommended to speak to the doctor about the use of an inversion table for sciatica. When sciatica causes a debilitating condition, a person’s quality of life is reduced. The use of inversion tables improves mobility and reduces symptoms

What’s The Best Inversion Table for Sciatica?

The number of inversion tables on the market today can be a source of confusion. When conducting research, the suggestions and rankings of reviewers, marketers, and manufacturers are pretty useless.

One must consider the best inversion table for their needs. The most expensive inversion tables with all the available accessories and features are not the simple, obvious answer. To help narrow the search here is some information about some inversion tables that receive high reviews from people who bought them.

Two units fighting for the top choice are the Innova ITM4800 Therapeutic Inversion Table and the Ironman Gravity 4000. Both fall under a $200 price barrier. The Innova ITM4800 has all the bells and whistles and good value for the money.

It does the job well. It is comfortable and is lightweight enough to make storage easy. The inversion table is sturdy enough to invert a body upside down securely.

The Ironman 4000 is a comfortable and extremely sturdy inversion table.

It has an ankle locking system that is among the best in the industry.

The inversion table is fitted with a lumbar pillow that can be removed. Able to handle 350 pounds, the Ironman can support the highest weight capacity of any inversion table on the market.

There have been over 3000 reviews of the inversion table posted on Amazon. It has a 4½-star rating with 78% rating the machine as five-star. The highest quality and most innovative tables are the highest in price.

Teeter Hang Ups has a model, Teeter EP-970 Ltd with a price that is relatively affordable and has useful features that provide a user with extreme security and comfort.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd

Features Include:

  • Extended Support Handles
  • EZ-Stretch Traction Handles
  • Deluxe Extended Handle Ankle Lock System
  • Excellent Ankle Comfort
  • Deluxe Preset Angle Control
  • Precision Rotation with Full Inversion Option

A feature commonly requested by customers is an inversion table that locks out at any incline angle desired. Some inversion tables limit the angle of incline with adjustable straps.

The straps do not prevent the table from rotating back to an upright position.

Other inversion tables have braking mechanisms that are designed specifically for locking out at a desired angle of incline. The Teeter EP-970 Ltd is engineered for excellent storage and can be licked out in full inversion. The table can be used for a variety of exercise used to strengthen core muscles.

Before deciding which inversion table for sciatica best suits you, you need to know what features are most important from your point of view. Price, safety, weight, assembly, and storage are all important features. We address these issues and more.