Inversion Boots: Hanging Your Way to Health?

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Hanging Boots: Hanging Your Way to Health?

On the outset, hanging boots for inversion therapy look a little weird. You’re forced to flip upside down and hang how the laws of nature did not intend: upside down.

However, the benefits you gain from hanging upside down outweigh the initial silliness you may feel putting your boots on. We’re here to explain just how hanging boots can let you hang your way to better health.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy:

Humans were meant to walk on their feet for the entirety of their life, which causes the body to feel the negative effects of gravity.

The spine especially is prone to feel pain once you reach a certain age (we know when we’ve got there), which can be immensely uncomfortable. In addition, the human body’s circulation, skin, and muscles all feel the effect of gravity as you age.

Inversion essentially reduces the effects of gravity. Little by little, inversion helps you decompress your spine and lift the consequences of gravity, giving you results you can’t get through exercise or yoga.

Here’s everything in a bit more detail:
Hanging Your Way to Health

1. Improve your back

As mentioned before, hanging boots, also known as hanging shoes and gravity boots, will decompress the spine, allowing your back muscles to relax.

Like with inversion tables, using gravity boots will help re-hydrate the discs between your vertebrae and make your back feel great. In fact, you might even grow half an inch because of the back decompression.

All this reduces the pain in your back, making you feel invigorated and full of energy. Do everything you wanted to do and more! You’ll feel younger in no time.

2. Improve cognitive ability

The increased oxygen-rich blood flow to your brain means that all mental functioning improves. Get better focus, balance and mental faculties by increasing the amount of blood flowing to your brain.

All it takes is 60 seconds of hanging upside down to see the effects. It will feel a little odd at first, as the brain isn’t supposed to have that much blood rushing to it, but you’ll see the results as soon as you step out of the boots. Who needs prescription drugs when you have hanging boots?

3. Decrease stress

Inversion helps reduce the pain in your back and makes the mind sharper, allowing you to reap the benefits of a fitter, more productive body. This will no doubt translate to a decrease in stress since you’re no longer worrying about your back or brain anymore.

Other people have mentioned that hanging upside down is like a full body massage, comparable to aerial yoga. If you focus on your breathing technique, you can get a total body relaxation as well, further reducing stress.

4. Better skin and fewer wrinkles

Because of the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your face, your complexion will clear up and you’ll reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

All it takes is about 1–3 minutes of hanging upside down with your inversion boots, then slowly increasing that as you become accustomed to the practice. You can invert your way to a younger face!

5. Strengthen legs and core

You can use inversion as an opportunity for exercise. While you hang upside down, you can do squats, crunches or push-ups, all of which will strengthen your legs or core.

It’s an opportunity to train your muscles in a position where they usually won’t be trained, allowing them to grow stronger quicker and in less time.

More benefits of inversion include better flexibility and joint health, as well as the other minute benefits you’ll notice once you start hanging with inversion boots.

But as with every pro, a con is sure to follow. Here are some of the drawbacks to hanging with inversion boots:

  • Can be hard on the joints at first. Your whole body has to get used to inversion, and as joints tend to be the most sensitive to gravity changes, you’ll feel some discomfort. Your knees and ankles will especially not be happy, but they’ll soon get used to inversion the more you do it.
  • Solo inversion can be dangerous, especially if it’s your first time doing it. Since you’re hanging upside down underneath your doorframe, if something goes wrong you might damage the top of your head, arms, or shoulders, in addition to the structural damage caused by a falling door frame. If it’s your first time using hanging boots, be sure to put some padding underneath yourself to soften any fall just in case.

Of all inversion methods (inversion chairs, inversion tables, and hanging shoes), hanging boots are the cheapest, easiest to use, and easiest to store. When it comes to hanging your way to better health, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

So, which hanging boots do we recommend?

Teeter E1-1056 Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System with Rack

Hanging Boots

The Teeter, named after Roger Teeter, is the perfect at-home hanging boot set-up to quickly and easily start inverting.

Use with any standard door frame
Convenient “out of the way” inversion unit
Boots made of lightweight shell, weighing only 2 lbs
Do crunches, squats, and twists with ease
Easy mounting and dismounting (as long as you can do a pull up)
Quick-Disconnect Locking Brackets let you mount securely to the door frame, allowing easy installation and removal of the rack
100% inversion and movement within the door frame
Get all the benefits of inversion without shelling out money for an inversion chair or table!

Hanging boots might seem like a weird, interesting activity that you think might not be for you. But who can say that better health isn’t for them? Re-hydrated spinal discs, better flexibility and joint health, and improved circulation and mental functioning can benefit us all, and hanging boots are the best way to get these results. With only ten minutes a day, you can feel younger and get improvements that yoga and exercise can’t give you.

It takes defying gravity to rid yourself of the damage gravity left you. So, get your hanging boots today and quickly and easily set up your hanging rack—and hang your way to better health.