Review of Exerpeutic Inversion Tables – Top Rated Models Compared

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With the end of this guide, you should get a hold of everything you need to know before picking your ideal EXERPEUTIC inversion table.

Do you suffer from constant back pain? A great answer to this problem is a therapeutic inversion table!

Exerpeutic is one of the best inversion table makers in the market. Today, We’ll present to you everything you need to know about inversion tables.

Additionally, We’ll review the best Exerpeutic inversion table models available in the market. Without further ado, let’s get down to the juicy stuff!

Which Exerpeutic Model to Buy?

A perfect inversion table should be rock-solid, highly adjustable, and extremely relaxing. For these reasons and more, We’d pick EXERPEUTIC 275SL as the best Exerpeutic inversion table.

However, if you’re on a budget, the EXERPEUTIC 150L can be an excellent option for you. It’ll give you everything you need from an inversion table without poking a hole in your wallet.


EXERPEUTIC 225SL Inversion Table

Kicking off our list with one of the best models in the market. The 225SL Exerpeutic inversion table is made with excellent quality materials and innovative technologies.


Product Highlights

Durable steel frame

At first glance, you’ll find that the inversion table is made from a heavy duty steel frame. This provides it with durability and fortification needed to support your body.

Airsoft ankle holder

One of the best highlights of the 225SL Exerpeutic inversion table is its patent-pending Airsoft ankle holders. This technology allows the air to flow into different chambers to cushion your legs and ankles. This helps in eliminating the pressure on your ankles while inverting.

Lumbar pillow

The product comes with a removable lumbar pillow and a 1-inch soft foam backrest to take its comfort profile even further.

Palm activated double-locking system

Additionally, the product boasts a double-locking system that you can enable with your palms. This ensures the security and safety of this inversion table against other models in the market.

Multiple positioning angles

You can also adjust the inversion table to work from various angles. In fact, the product 3 different angle positions that eliminate the traditional strap system.

Full loop handlebar

The 225SL Exerpeutic inversion table comes with a full loop handlebar that allows you to get back to the upright position quickly. They’re also covered with foam to protect your hands from slipping.

The Good

One of the most impressive features in Exerpeutic inversion table products is that they combine comfort and sturdiness. The steel frames offer the needed support for your body.

The product also offers multiple cushioning parts, making it a pleasure to use. This eliminates fatigue and allows for long sessions on the inversion table.

● Durable steel frame
● Highly comfortable and secure
● Good value for money
● Easy to assemble

The Bad

We highly appreciate that the inversion table is foldable, which makes it easy to store and move around.

However, We’d have loved it if the table folds a bit easier.

Best Value Badge

EXERPEUTIC 150L Inversion Table

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be delighted to find this one. The 150L Exerpeutic inversion table offers quality, safety, and comfort at a very affordable price.


Product Highlights


The table offers excellent quality for its price. The frame is made of heavy duty steel to support up to 300 lbs of weight capacity. Additionally, the product is back with a 1-year limited warranty to protect you from manufacturing errors.


This product is one of the few to offer three methods for locking, making it one of the safest on the market. It features the regular central angle lock. The second lock is one that uses gravity and spring to lock you automatically while inverting for safety, 

the third lock is a twist lock that comes with a visual lock indicator. This indicator allows you to make sure that everything is secure while inverting.


The product also offers an ergonomically molded ankle cushions, allowing you to stretch comfortably while on the table.

The manufacturer also had the neck and back in mind while designing the product. It comes with a lumbar pillow and headrest that you can remove anytime. They offer support and comfort to your vertebral column while inverting.

You also won’t have to worry about returning to the upright position. The product features full-loop foam handlebars to get the jobs done safely.

The Good

This product offers everything you need in an inversion table at a budget-friendly price. It can also be an excellent choice for those who are looking for safety.

The product is one of the few in the market to offer a triple lock system.

● Budget-friendly
● Extremely safe with the triple-locking system
● Features multiple comfort accessories
● 1-year warranty

The Bad

The product is a bit tricky while assembling.

But once you get this out of the way, everything is smooth and good to go!


EXERPEUTIC 475SL Inversion Table

The 457SL Exerpeutic inversion table offers an exemplary level of comfort and security. If you’re interested in a perfect all-round product, this one might be for you.


Product Highlights


One of the cool things about the 475SL Exerpeutic inversion table is that you can adjust it on Four (4) different angle positions. You just need to use the control pin and choose your suitable angle. In addition to the 180 degrees upside-down angle, the other ones are 20, 35, 55, 75 degrees.

You can also adjust the ratchet ankle locking system with your palm. This SureLock technology offers a double ratchet tooth mechanism that helps stabilize and hold you in place.


This Exerpeutic inversion table also offers an AIRSOFT ankle holders technology. Additionally, you can adjust the table to fit your head thanks to the two-position headrest.

The Good

This product offers promising features with a little touch of luxury. While it provides an extra-durable steel frame, the manufacturers did a great job in its adjustability and comfort profiles.

It’s one of the few products on shelves that give you 4 different inversion angles. The best part is that you can also adjust your angle without breaking a sweat.

The headrest on the 475SL is made of 1.8-inch thick foam, making it one of the most relaxing inversion tables around.

● Ideal for those who are looking for added comfort
● Features 4 different positioning angles

The Bad

The only thing that this product lacks is a clear instruction manual.

Heavy Duty

EXERPEUTIC 975SL Inversion Table

Are you looking for a heavy duty inversion table? Because this is what the 975SL Exerpeutic inversion table is all about!


Product Highlights

Infinite inversion angles

With the 975SL, you can select just about any inversion angle you want. This means you won’t have to stick to a limited number of angles that might not be your ideal positions.

This feature is possible due to the patented feature iControl disk brake system. This system allows you to lock the table on any angle you like while inverting.

Heavy duty wide frame

The frame on this table is amazingly sturdy. It’s wider than most competitive models to allow for a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. This makes it able to carry heavier body weights without malfunctioning.

Luxurious Comfort

The product also boasts a 2.3-inch memory foam backrest. This makes it one of the thickest foam layers in all Exerpeutic inversion table models. Additionally, the backrest is covered with double-stitched vinyl to add to its durability and longevity.

The Good

This product sets the luxury standard exceptionally high for any competitive inversion table.

If you’re looking for nothing but the best, you should look no further.

Holds up to 350 pounds
● One of the most comfortable products
● Offers limitless inversion angles

The Bad

The only problem with this great product is its price.

You need to be willing to splurge some serious cash to land on of these in your house.

Best Overall

EXERPEUTIC 275SL Inversion Table

The 275SL has a lot of standard features with the 225SL Exerpeutic inversion table, but with a little twist.


Product Highlights

Heat Massage

While most products might come with regular lumbar supports, this one offers an advanced option.

The lumbar support on this product features a heater option. This makes it great for people who are looking for a solution to their lower back pain.

The heat helps in enhancing the blood supply reaching the lower back muscles, resulting in faster healing to the muscle tissue.

3-level vibration massager

The backrest also features a vibration massager with 3 different levels of intensity. The massager offers two different massaging modes that you can control through a control panel in the backrest. Massage helps in achieving a deeper state of relaxation and pain relief.

The Good

This product is perfect for all users. However, it’s extra-amazing for people who need back pain relief.

The added heat and massage features take the product to a whole new level of back decompression and relief.

● Heat therapy lumbar support
● Offers a massager for stress and back pain relief

The Bad

This product can be considered an upgraded twin for the fan-favorite 225SL.

Since they have the same frame, this product is also uneasy when it comes to folding.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Do inversion tables need special tools for assembly?

Most inversion tables come with sufficient assembly tools. However, if you bring a better toolkit along, it’ll just make the job easier.

What’s so special about UL-certified inversion tables?

When a product is UL-certified, it means that it passes multiple safety standard tests by UL, which is a world leader in this field. All of the EXERPEUTIC products are labeled as “UL-certified.”