Eric Smith DC

Eric Smith DC

Dr. Eric Smith owns and operates Fit For Life Transformations, an online and virtual coaching platform to serve anyone in the world with weight, fitness, and body composition. It has always been Dr. Smith’s vision to help as many people as he can in the more efficient way possible through the passions he has much experience in. Those experiences include chiropractic care, adjusting, nutrition, establishing successful life habits, coaching, management, and creating health and wellness. Being a competitive bodybuilder, Dr. Smith has had firsthand experience on how properly taking care of your spine, joints, nutrition, and mental health can change a person’s body.

Doctorate of Chiropractic, Logan University

Certification in Exercise Nutrition, Precision Nutrition

Certification in Internal Health and Diagnosis, Loomis Institute

Bachelor of Life Sciences. Logan University

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    Effective Spinal Decompression at Home for a Healthy Back and Spine

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