Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench Review – Perfect for Beginners

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The Good

➢ Multifunctional
➢ Ergonomically designed
➢ Reasonable price
➢ Large bearing weight
➢ Great support and cushion
➢ 2-year guarantee and 5-year warranty
➢ Sturdy and durable
➢ Environmentally friendly materials
➢ Easy to carry and comfortable use

The Bad

➢ Assembly instructions are not available
➢ The chemical smell of the seat
➢ Holes do not line up

As you are about to start your yoga journey, you’ll need a headstand bench to prevent head and shoulders injury. Doing the headstand posture can be challenging, so it’s an excellent idea to look for ergonomically designed, thickly cushioned, and stable headstand bench.

We do not want you to get stressed finding the best headstand bench for your needs. So we give you this careful, unbiased review about one of the popular options on the market, the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench.

What is Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench?

The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is specially designed for beginners who want to master headstand. It is everything you need in the yoga studio, gym, or even in the bedroom. It comes with a unique yet professional design, which will allow you to stand upside down smoothly. What’s more, you can also use it to perform other yoga exercises.

This ergonomic yoga headstand bench comes with reliable support without the need to worry about breaking. It is available in different colors: black, dark black, white, dark white, green, and red. It weighs 5.2 kg that can bear a maximum weight of 330 lbs or 150 kg. Not only that, but it also offers a 2-year replacement guarantee and a 5-year warranty.

Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Who Benefits From This Product?

The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is ideal for yoga beginners who don’t have reasonable body control. It is designed to help beginners to prevent excessive stretching as well as compression of the intervertebral disc and cervical spine. It is also best for those who are looking for more support and stability.

Despite being multifunctional, it comes at a reasonable price. Since it is effortless to assemble and easy to use, it is a must-have for beginners.

What’s Included?

As you open the box, you will find yoga inverted stools and bricks to help you to stand upside and perform other yoga exercises. A yoga brochure and action guide are also included.

The yoga action guide comes with 70 kinds of yoga movements, making it helpful for beginners. Besides, you will also get inverted stool mats, which fixed with knob screws for more convenient and stable yoga block removal.

What Are the Key Features?

Now, it’s time for you to discover the key features of Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench and determine whether the product suits your needs.

Value for Money

At a very reasonable price, this yoga headstand bench will help you master the art of headstands, handstands, shoulder stands, and other yoga exercises. Not only that, but you can also utilize it as a shoe replacement stool, and is very reliable and comfortable.

Ease of Use

The use of soft pads and solid wood makes the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench easy to use and comfortable. When performing the upside-down stand, all you need to do is to remove the T-pads and then allow your shoulders to rest on the U-shaped pads comfortably.


This headstand comes with durable and sturdy construction. It also features a high-density and dependable sponge cushion for added comfort.


The Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench designed with comfortable steel frame construction comes with a classic yet ergonomic design, making it a perfect choice for everyone.


This ergonomic bench features a soft yet from PU sponge cushion that promotes better stability and safety. It also features a solid wood frame for improved durability.


The manufacturer really cares for its clients as it quickly responses to the concerns, questions, or concerns. So, every time that you have encountered an issue with the headstand bench or need a replacement, you can expect dependable customer support.

What The Customers are Saying

Many customers find the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench very helpful when training to perform the inversion exercise in yoga and even the stability or core work.

They find it quick and easy to assemble and looks elegant. It only took the users 10 minutes to out all the parts together.

Since it is compact, they were able to bring it to the yoga studio, gym, office, balcony, bedroom, and outdoors. While using this headstand bench, the customer finds it useful in straining off the neck as well as focus on the arms-shoulder and core.

Most of the customers agreed that the Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is worth the penny as it is comfortable, functional, and sturdy. There are only a few downsides like assembly instructions not included, the chemical smell of the seat, as well as the holes that do not line up. But, overall, they find this product dependable and worth the try.

The Alternative

If the cons of Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench turns you off, then you can opt for Evolution Health Original Bodylift Yoga Headstand.

It offers detailed instructions and seat inserts for easy assembly. Interestingly, you can assemble it in just a matter of two minutes. The metal legs are cushion made of high-quality molded foam, so you have no problem with the chemical smell.

Wrap Up

Incorrect posture may lead to cervical spine compression or unnecessary stretching and intervertebral disc.

Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench is the right inversion tool to support your shoulder weight to help you perform an accurate inverted position. You can choose from 11 different colors that complement your style and personality.

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