Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table Review

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Best Value for Money

The Innova ITX9600 inversion therapy table has the most superior combination of quality, cost, and sustainability compare to other inversion tables.

The reclining table will help stretch the soft tissues that surround your spine and loosen up your muscles without too many bells and whistles.

Back pain may only be a minor issue for some, but it will turn into a major inconvenience once you suffer on a daily basis. Fortunately, medical equipment like Innova ITX9600 may help with your spine problem and backache.

Tall/overweight people are more likely to suffer from back pain due to the extra height, weight, and stretching of the spine. Innova ITX9600 is capable of accommodating people up to 6’6″ in height and 300 lbs. in weight.

What We Like

  • Well balanced price and features
  • Has a sturdy frame even for its price
  • Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in with a 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Adjustable headrest pad with large and comfortable padded backrest.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bars that secure you in place may cause discomfort
  • Assembly time may take a while

Innova Health and Fitness: The Company Behind the ITX9600

According to customer reviews, Innova Health & Fitness has already helped alleviate the pain of millions of people. The company, dedicated to providing natural relief, employs teams of medical specialists to constantly provide non-invasive forms of treatment.

The company’s best-selling product, Innova ITX9600, is nothing like mechanical traction, surgery, or any other invasive treatment. As we’ve used their inversion therapy table for half a year, we’ve found that it’s a gentle and passive way to target pain at its source. It even promotes care for weight-bearing joints.

This is apparent from its form of traction that’s progressive. You only need to try the product once to realize that every single one of your joints can be decompressed using only the same exact weight that compresses a joint while you’re in an upright or standard position.

In this review, you’ll learn everything there’s to know about inversion tables and how Innova ITX9600, a heavy-duty table for inversion therapy, is different from all other products available on the market today.


Back Pain Relief

The Innova ITX9600 inversion therapy table helps in relieving general back pain with its ability to provide full-spine traction. Basically, it reverses the compression in your spine that’s caused by gravity.

This compression often leads to pinched nerves, which may be exactly what you’re currently experiencing. As you hang upside down with the help of the table, your spine will be stretched, reducing the pressure inflicted on your intervertebral discs.

Joint Pressure Relief

During an intense session at the gym, your joints will experience some stress. According to Natural Arthritis Relief, the process of inversion helps in elongating the muscles, therefore relieving pain.

Healthy Back Institute also claims that inversion helps in correcting minor misalignments that are caused by golf, tennis and other one-sided activities.

Improve Brain Function

It may sound a little strange, but myriads of research have shown how inversion tables, specifically Innova ITX9600, improve the function of a brain. A human brain, as it turns out, functions more effectively when it’s upside down or inverted.

The reason behind this is the increase in blood flow to your brain, which allows it to receive more nutrients and oxygen, resulting in a much healthier brain and better cognitive ability. 

Sciatica Relief

You may know this all too well if you constantly suffer from backaches: pain can be experienced in different forms, may it be numbness or sharp, unpleasant sensation that emanates from the lower back up to your buttocks.

Sometimes, you will even have pain in your upper leg. This is sciatica, which is the pain that you can feel radiating along the sciatic nerve’s path. It branches from a person’s lower back to the buttocks and hips and down to each leg. Most of the time, sciatica affects just one side of the body.

The cause of this is an increased pressure in the sciatic nerve. The result would also be limited functioning. If the pain has already affected your daily activities, then you are definitely in need of Innova ITX9600. A few minutes on the table each day will already relieve some of the pain you’re suffering now.

Osteoarthritic Pain Reduction

Although osteoarthritis is a chronic disease, Innova ITX9600 can still reduce the pain that’s a result of this specific disease. It can even completely stop, or at the very least, slow down the progression of osteoarthritis.

Correction of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an ailment that causes a spine to assume the shape of an “S” or “C” instead of the normal curvature. The medical treatment required for this disease isn’t fully known yet. However, Innova ITX9600 has been discovered to actually correct scoliosis.

Enhanced Flexibility

Inversion therapy together with the use of a quality inversion therapy table like Innova ITX9600 caters to the entire body’s flexibility which is the result of an increase in blood flow and spine compression reduction. Innova ITX9600 allows the muscles of your body to stretch and for your spine to realign, thus the body becomes flexible.

Improved Blood Circulation

Innova ITX9600 can improve your circulatory system. As your legs are lifted and positioned over your heart, pressure from your varicose veins is reduced. As a result, every single part of your body receives oxygenated blood and the cells in your body will perform at an optimum rate.

Alternative to Surgery

Medication and surgery are detrimental to your body as they introduce foreign objects and substances. They can have a negative impact on your hormonal balance, which is something that you wouldn’t want for yourself. Not to mention the fact that there’s always the risk of side effects or complications to arise.

Fortunately, you can avoid all that will the Innova ITX9600 inversion therapy table. It’s a non-intrusive and non-invasive alternative to surgery that will allow your body to heal on its own. The normal function of your body won’t be tampered with if you take advantage of inversion therapy.

Promote Fitness

The benefits we just mentioned like enhanced blood flow, improved circulation, and posture maintenance all have a positive impact on your body. All of them won’t just maintain the youthful look of your body but they’ll promote general well-being as well.

Strengthen the Body’s Immune System

Another great benefit of a simple machine such as the Innova ITX9600 will allow you to enjoy is the ability to strengthen your immune system. As you’re now capable of fighting off various medical issues, especially skeleton-related problems, you will decrease your chances of sustaining illnesses and body injuries as opposed to people who aren’t in shape.

Now that you know the incredible benefits you can enjoy from Innova ITX9600, here’s a quick list of the key features that make the device worth investing:

  • Adjustable height – the table can accommodate tall people up to 6’6” in height
  • Padded headrest and backrest
  • Non-sliding floor stabilizers
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity – the table can accommodate overweight people

80º inversion angle – will help you inverse properly.

Key Features and Its Benefits

Safety Features and Durability

Although inversion therapy does not require any heavy lifting, there is still a question of safety, especially when a user’s body, while on the inversion table, will be in an inverted position to rehydrate discs, relax tense muscles, and realign the spine.

If it is your first time using an inversion table, there are tons of aspects you need to think about, like how you should control the bed’s rotation or how you can revert to the upright position after you’ve inverted at a full 180 degrees.

Fortunately, Innova ITX9600 has all these aspects and more covered. For one, it offers various height settings to allow you to select the best ‘tipping point’ that’s suitable for your type of body.

The height adjustment tube is clearly marked to give you a rough guide as weight distribution varies between different heights of users.

As for the bed of Innova ITX 9600, it’s sturdy and capable of flexing for comfort. This smooth, padded surface will allow your whole body to slide for a full decompression.

The built-in handles and the rear frame have been specifically designed for easy incorporation of various stretches into an inversion routine. Inversion tables of lesser quality use inferior materials, which will force you to invert at a steeper angle just to get the same benefits.

In terms of the product’s durability, there’s no doubt about it as it consists of heavy-duty, sturdy gauge steel tubing with 300 lbs. as its weight capacity. For your peace of mind, Innova ITX9600 comes quality-assurance tested by independent parties with compliance to the safety standards set by UL for inversion tables.


One of the biggest differences between the inversion table of Innova and the products from other brands is the table bed which is padded to offer maximum comfort. Aside from being adjustable, the headrest is padded to ensure comfortability and support, unlike other inversion tables which are often made of injection-molded plastic.

Because of how the table bed is designed and constructed, there is less friction between you and the bed for a more effective spine decompression at all inversion angles.

Using the 6-angle pin system of Innova Health & Fitness means you’ll enjoy the freedom of movement as you are stretching your muscles. Even without grabbing the soft, padded handlebars of the table, you will still be able to feel comfortable and safe while performing deeper stretches at an inverted position.

As for the reversible ankle locking system, it is coupled with an ergonomic support to offer a closer grip on both of your ankles and provide you with minimal discomfort and optimum safety.

Ease of Use

We’ve already tested the majority of inversion tables currently sold in the market, but we were surprised as to how easy the device is to use, starting from its initial setup right to its storage which only involves the folding of the device.

As you go through the inversion process, the smoothness, ease of use, and comfortability of the bed are noticeable, especially as you invert at a steep angle and return to your starting position. 

As the table flexes along with your body, it allows for air to circulate around your back as opposed to blocking or suppressing it. This is certainly a plus when you consider other inversion tables that will just let your body sink into cheap cushions or none at all.

Basically, what we are saying is that you’ll be able to perform your inversion routine using the Innova ITX9600 without having the slightest bit of worry.

If you want an inversion table that will allow you to reduce your back pain and concentrate on stretching instead of constantly fearing that you might be doing something wrong, then this is definitely the product for you. All these are the things that you would NEVER experience from other inversion tables, especially cheap ones.


Investing in an Innova ITX9600 inversion therapy table will help you in more ways than you would have ever imagined including:

  • Relieving muscle and joint stress
  • Relieving back pain
  • Decompressing spine
  • Helping your blood circulate
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Improving your posture
  • Reducing sleeping problems
  • Strengthening your back
  • Reducing stress

We can go on and on, but you definitely get the point. Although it isn’t the most expensive inversion therapy table around, it certainly is top-end and heavy-duty, which will let you question how the company profits from their products.

Fortunately for us, the creator of Innova ITX9600 doesn’t prioritize their bottom line but provides quality medical devices instead.

Space Storage

As mentioned above, the product can easily be folded so storage will not be an issue. In under a minute, you can have your inversion bed folded and stored in a closet. The entire bed can even fit behind doors when it is not in use.

Because Innova ITX9600 inversion therapy table is solidly built using quality, heavy-duty materials, the entire bed can be heavy. It is, therefore, crucial that you are careful when moving or transporting the device from one place to another. This includes its storage.


The inversion table of Innova Health & Fitness comes with the company’s patented 6-angle pin system to offer several inversion angles.

You will have four options with 20 degrees as slight inversion, 40 as moderate inversion, 60 for an enhanced inversion, and lastly, 80 for extreme inversion. For your safety, you should use the angle selector pin at all times. Make sure that it is in an angled slot as well.

The table, as previously mentioned, also features a height adjustment tube to accommodate your specific body type and height. Because of the assistance that the Innova ITX9600 provides, the inversion process will become simpler.

Before inversion, tighten your angle selector pin. Then, make sure both of your feet are snug and secure on the ankle holding system. As soon as you’re satisfied with your position, you can start to lie flat on your table’s backrest pad.

Add-Ons or Extra Features

Extra features added into the Innova ITX9600 help ensure security, improving usability, and enhancing its benefits.

If you are thinking of going for this specific model from Innova Health & Fitness, you’ll even be more convinced once you learn about its add-ons which are the following:

  • Heavy-duty frame and ergonomically designed bed with padded handlebars for decompression and advanced stretching.
  • Reversible and ergonomic ankle holding system – it’s not just designed to offer maximum comfort, but it’s also for support and ease of use.
  • The inversion table also accommodates accessories that are designed to improve usability and benefits.
  • With the heavy-duty steel frame, you are guaranteed strength, durability, and sturdiness.
  • The lockable hinges are added to prevent any accidental separation from the base while you are exercising or stretching.

The focus on not just form and function but on safety as well will give you a clear indicator that Innova ITX9600 was made with the user in mind.


The table has been designed to accommodate various heights, ranging from 4’10” to 6’6.” This means it is appropriate for use in residential properties and commercial establishments (e.g. gyms, physical therapy centers) alike.

As for its weight limit, it can carry up to 300 lbs., which is definitely higher compared to the 200-lb limit that’s found in this particular segment of the online and offline market.


Innova Health & Fitness warrants that any Innova ITX9600 table sold is free from defects. The workmanship and the materials used in constructing the device are guaranteed for a year from the date of purchase.

Since the table comes with a guarantee, you will be able to enjoy an excellent balancing regime. The warranty, however, only applies to the original buyer. Also, the purchase must be made from authorized retailers.


Now, let’s move on to the assembly of Innova ITX9600. From our personal experience, the entire assembly only took 10 minutes. But, keep in mind that we’ve already assembled other inversion therapy tables in the past.

From customer reports, they all said they did not have any problem with assembly with an average of 30 mins as the duration of the process. The instructions were easy enough for first-time users, which is a plus as clarity is important for this specific type of equipment.

Keep in mind that most users of inversion tables experience back pain. Having a table that is easy to assemble, store, and maintain is certainly a huge bonus.


Innova ITX9600’s support can be checked at its ankle holding system. Most of your weight will be impressed on both of your ankles as you stretch and exercise at an inverted or upside-down inclination.

Since the ankle holding system of the table is comfortable, reversible, and ergonomic, you will be able to distribute your weight evenly and avoid any leg or foot injuries.

Customer Reviews

Innova ITX9600 inversion table has a positive online reputation. It has tens of thousands of customers all claiming that the equipment has helped them reduce the pain they used to experience on a day-to-day basis. According to them, they are now leading active lifestyles thanks to the device.

Final Thoughts

The ITX9600 fulfills Innova Health and Fitness’ top standards for production and quality. At such an incredibly low price, this machine will already help you with your inversion therapy to the point that you’ll enjoy great success apart from a happier life and a more active lifestyle.

It may be a medical device, but the Innova ITX9600 heavy duty inversion table can be used by households with its various inversion angles, ease of use, and straightforward setup. At first glance, this inversion therapy table may seem like nothing, but from the many benefits that it offers and its outstanding quality, it is one that is sure to assist and impress.

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Dr. Sandra Johnson received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from Cornell University. She then went on to graduate studies at New York University before attending Rice University School of Medicine, where she graduated with an M.D. degree. She completed her training in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for internship and residency programs. Dr. Johnson went on to Harvard University in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, completing her residency program. Dr. Johnson is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.