5 Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks and Trapeze Swings of 2021

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There are thousands of yoga swings and hammocks available online in the United States, making finding the right one challenging. Our buyer’s guide is here to help you find the best yoga hammock for your specific needs and the links to get you shopping instantly.

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UpCircleSeven Yoga Swing Set


  • High-quality triple-stitched fabric
  • Excellent carrying capacity
  • Comfortable to use with a large seat and extra-large foam handles
  • Slightly narrow when compared to other aerial silks
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Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Hammock


  • Double layered triple stitch fabric makes it one of the most robust products on the market.
  • A pair of comfortable padded foam handles for single or dual person use
  • The eBook guide is useful and contains tips for both aerial yoga swing experts and novices.
  • The carabiners don’t come with a safety rating, so buy your own instead.
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EverKing Ultra Strong Aerial Yoga Swing


  • Excellent value for money
  • Portable and easy to hang up anywhere
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Relatively low carrying capacity
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Yogabody Yoga Trapeze Pro


  • One-clip setup and adjustment, making it perfect for portable use and multiple users
  • Ultra-light, despite being one of the most durable products we reviewed
  • It comes with several free videos and pose charts to get you into the swing of things immediately
  • The rubber handle grips can be hard on your hands

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AUM Aerial Yoga Hammock


  • The wide hammock provides extra strength, as well as the opportunity to laze around
  • Easy to attach to existing hardware or string up on a tree branch or exposed beams
  • Its softness and slight elasticity will give you control
  • Beginners may not like the lack of handles

If you want to take your yoga skills to the next level or want something to combat back pain, a yoga hammock may be the right tool for you. Yoga hammocks can open up new yoga postures, while inversion therapy can help reduce the load on your spine and help fight against pain.

Aerial Yoga Hammock and Trapeze Swing Reviews

UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set – BEST OVERALL

Our Rating (4.7/5)

  • Material: Premium Nylon Cloth + Thick Foam Padding
  • Weight Limit: 550 lbs
  • Size: 8 ft x 5 ft
UpCircleSeven Yoga Hammocks

Product Highlights

Most beginners don’t want to spend a fortune on an aerial yoga hammock. If you’re looking for a good quality product that is great for yoga inversion or novice poses, this is an excellent budget buy.

Despite its affordable price, the UpCircleSeven aerial yoga hammock has several high-end features you’ll often see on pricier models. The aerial yoga swing has a carrying capacity of 550 lb and has adjustable height and width options to fit various people, including children and larger adults.

What We Like


The high-quality triple stitched parachute fabric can withstand years of heavy use while still being very easy to clean.


The large seat and extra-large foam handles ensure that you’re comfortable at all times while using the yoga hammock.


The multi-loop extension straps allow you to hang your hammock anywhere, including outdoors, on any sturdy frame.

The convenient carry back makes this yoga hammock the perfect option for portable use.

What We Don’t Like

Tight fit

We found the UpCircleSeven to be significantly narrower than other aerial silks, which means it feels a bit more unstable and can be a tight fit for some.


Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Hammock – Perfect for Beginners

Our Rating (4.75/5)

  • Material: Premium grade parachute
  • Weight Limit: 600 lbs
  • Size: 8 ft x 5 ft
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Product Highlights

The Yoga4You Aerial Yoga hammock is the best yoga swing for someone just starting. It’s packed with many useful items that can help novice yoga practitioners hone their craft. It’s also ideal for people who want to exercise with aerial silks thanks to its robust material and large size.

The Yoga4You trapeze swing has a nylon/silk fabric blend that combines nylon’s strength with the feel of silk. While it’s definitely softer than nylon, we found it relatively harsh compared to silk.

The aerial yoga hammock comes with several useful items, including two portable carrying bags, 50″ extension straps, and a digital eBook containing mounting and hanging instructions. It has a carrying capacity of 600 lb, which is one of the highest of the yoga swings we reviewed.

What We Like


The double-layered nylon/silk fabric is incredibly tough while still being softer than standard silks made from parachute materials. The triple-stitch ensures that you won’t get any frayed edges and that your yoga trapeze stays in excellent shape for years to come.

Suitable for multiple users

In addition to having an impressive carrying capacity, the pair of comfortable handles allow multiple users simultaneously. Perfect if you love practicing dual poses with a partner.

Handy eBook guide

The eBook contains a wealth of knowledge for both novices and aerial yoga swing experts alike. Even experienced professionals may find some new tips and tricks to enhance their yoga practice.

What We Don’t Like

Lack of safety information

The carabiners don’t come with a safety rating. Since the hammock has a high weight limit, it would be nice to know that the carabiners could handle this load.

EverKing Ultra Strong Aerial Yoga Swing – Best Value for Money

Our Rating (4.5/5)

  • Material: Parachute fabric
  • Weight Limit: 440 lbs
  • Size: 8 ft x 5 ft
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Product Highlights

If you want a no-frills aerial yoga swing for first-time home use, this is definitely a product to add to your list. The aerial yoga swing kit comes with everything you need including carabiners, extension cables, and lots of extra-size padded foam handles.

The aerial yoga swing comes in a strong parachute fabric that holds up to 440 lb and is height-adjustable if necessary. The six foam handles sit at different heights, letting you practice every yoga pose in safety and comfort. The hammock comes with a 12-month guarantee as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your product.

What We Like

Excellent value for money

The yoga swing kit comes with everything you need to get started at a very appealing price. It’s a no-frills entry-level product that does exactly what it says on the box.


The lightweight fabric is easy to fold and carry anywhere with minimal fuss.


The kit comes in a wide variety of colors so that you can put your personal stamp on it. You can also adjust the lengths and height of the swing, as well as of the handles, allowing you to match the hammock to your particular build and needs perfectly.

What We Don’t Like

Low carrying capacity

Since the nylon blend isn’t as strong as parachute fabric, the hammock’s carrying capacity is significantly lower than its competitors.


Yogabody Yoga Trapeze Pro – Best for Studio Owners or Serious Practitioners

Our Rating (4.4/5)

  • Material: 100% parachute grade nylon
  • Weight Limit: 600 lbs
  • Size: 8 ft x 5 ft
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Product Highlights

The Yogabody aerial yoga swing is one of the best-known products on the yoga market. Its high-quality construction and robust design make it one of the most popular aerial silk yoga swings.

What sets the Yogabody aerial yoga swing apart from other yoga swings is its outstanding 10-year warranty, which is almost unheard of in the yoga hammock market. It’s made from the best parachute nylon fabric, which is why it has an impressive carrying capacity of 600 lb.

The aerial yoga hammock comes with extension straps and can easily attach to your existing rigging. If you’re concerned about durability, this aerial yoga swing has quad-stitched seams and uses pure steel hooks, ensuring that you’ll never have to repurchase another aerial yoga hammock.

What We Like

One-clip setup

You can install the hammock using a one-clip setup and adjustment, making it incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s also perfect for multiple users due to its straightforward adjustment system.

Very light

Despite being one of the most durable products we’ve reviewed, the Yogabody weighs in at under four pounds, making it one of the lightest yoga hammocks on the market.

Lots of supplemental material

The kit comes with several free videos, including an installation guide and beginner poses, as well as a pose chart to get you into the swing of things immediately.

What We Don’t Like

Uncomfortable handles

The rubber handle grips can be hard on your hands, especially with prolonged use. Other aerial yoga hammocks are using more comfortable foam handles.

AUM Aerial Yoga Hammock – Best for Advanced Practitioners

Our Rating (4.65/5)

  • Material: Tricot fabric
  • Weight Limit: 660 lbs
  • Size: 13 ft x 9 ft
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Product Highlights

The Aum Aerial Yoga Hammock swing set is the perfect purchase for an experienced yoga practitioner looking to take their skills to the next level. It’s made from high-quality silk, which means that it’s strong, stretchy, and a pleasure to use.

You will get the following studio-grade yoga accessories:

  • One Aerial Silk Fabric
  • Two Multi-loop Daisy Chains – The daisy chain will make the adjustment easy
  • Two Sturdy Carabiners
  • Two Page Hanging Instructions and Pose Guides

The notable thing about this aerial silk swing is that it doesn’t have any foam handles and instead resembles a double point hammock more than any other products we reviewed.

The lack of handles is a significant advantage to some, who prefer doing complicated aerial poses without any backup, or those who love the idea of lazing around in a silk hammock. However, if it’s your first time buying a yoga trapeze swing, you may prefer something a bit more beginner-friendly.

What We Like

Extra width

The extra-wide hammock is comfortable to use and is easy to convert to a lazy-day hammock for the occasional midday snooze.


The high-quality fabric is simple to wash and store when not in use, and the hammock is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

High carrying capacity

The manufacturers have tested the hammock’s carrying capacity up to 660 lb and estimate that it could handle up to 1,800 lb.

Easy Setup

It will come pre-knotted with simple hanging instructions to quickly start your aerial yoga experience. It includes climber strength daisy chains and carabiners to easily hang the aerial yoga swing to a tree branch or an exposed beam.

What We Don’t Like

A mounting rig is not included. You must purchase it as required.
Not 100% Silk

It is not silk as in mulberry silk. Aerial “silk” refers to the stretchy, cool to touch, colorful quality of the fabric used for aerial yoga or aerial dance. It is made of tricot (polyester)

Things to Consider Before Buying an Aerial Yoga Hammock

Most aerial yoga hammocks work on similar principles, but there are enough differences between them that can affect their usability. By taking the time to research and identify specific factors that will affect your decision, you can find the best yoga hammock kit for your needs.

Uses for a Yoga Swing

Yoga swings are incredibly versatile, and people use them for many different reasons. Some of the common purposes include:

  • Strengthening your core and building upper body strength using a variety of gymnastic movements.
  • Acting as a form of inversion therapy increases the space between vertebrae and giving back pain relief.
  • Reversing blood flow so that more blood goes to your brain will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.
  • Helping yoga enthusiasts in deep backbends, which are often impossible without aerial yoga equipment.

When you start shopping around for a yoga hammock, consider your needs. If you’re a yoga professional, investing in studio-quality aerial yoga equipment is worth the money, while someone looking for light inversion therapy may get by with something less expensive.

Make a list of what you plan to do with your aerial yoga swing set. Will you want it outside on a tree branch or inside your home? Does the yoga hammock need to be portable, or will it be fixed? These questions will help you decide on the best yoga trapeze ideal for your particular purpose.

Methods to Hang Your Yoga Hammock

The type of suspension method you choose for your yoga hammock kit will depend on how often you plan to do your exercises. Do you have a dedicated yoga space where your aerial hammock will stay up forever, or do you want something portable?

If you don’t exercise every day, you may prefer a portable swing kit that folds away neatly and efficiently. Ensure that your portable hammock set also comes with a carry case; otherwise, it may become too inconvenient. If so, you’ll end up stashing it in the basement and never using it again.

If, on the other hand, you love aerial yoga practice and do it daily, having a permanent fixture is probably more manageable and more convenient.

Aerial yoga hammocks have several different types of rigging equipment, some of which are more durable and stable than others. The one you choose will depend on how permanent you want your setup to be and the load capacity you need.

Suspension Hooks

Heavy-duty suspension hooks screw directly into a ceiling beam, making them the best option for permanent yoga swing sets. These hooks typically come with a pair of screw-lock carabiners, and the two main brackets can hold a combined total of 1,800 lb.

The main advantage of heavy-duty suspension hooks is that you’ll have peace of mind that you’re always secure on your aerial yoga rig.

You can go through rapid changes in yoga poses without ever worrying about the weight limit. This confidence can push your yoga practice to the next level and is also an excellent idea for yoga studios and professional yoga teachers.

Door Frame Bar

If you’re not ready to commit to a suspension hook setup for your aerial yoga hammock, the next best option is the door frame bar. The bar fits in any door that’s at least 4.5″ deep and lets you suspend your hammock in the frame.

The door frame bar’s main advantage is that it has a pretty good load capacity while being very easy to install and remove. It even doubles as a pull-up bar for extra strength training.

Exposed Beams

If you have a home with exposed beams, you have the best possible solution to hanging your aerial equipment. Most yoga hammocks come with links or straps that you can daisy chain together and combine with a few swivels or carabiners.

Once attached to a beam, you’ve got a robust frame that is easy to adjust, disassemble and reassemble.

You can use this method for any strong, exposed frame. Try it on a sturdy tree branch, an exposed I-beam, or even on a playground swing set. Your imagination is the limit to where you get to practice your aerial poses once you learn how to work with daisy chains, straps, and carabiners.

Freestanding Yoga Trapeze Frame

If you don’t have any other options, you should consider investing in a dedicated aerial rig. These rigs support aerial yoga equipment and are perfect for your aerial silks. High-quality rigs are often light yet sturdy due to their material composition.

Most will contain either magnesium alloy, stainless steel, or aluminum. Lighter rigs will tend to have a lower load capacity, while higher rigs tend to be stronger and handle more weight.

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity influences how much weight the entire yoga hammock set can handle. The load you place on your aerial yoga equipment isn’t just about how much you weigh while hanging upside down; you also need to take swing forces into account.

Vigorously switching from one yoga swing exercise to another places a lot of strain on your equipment, so if you’re planning on doing something energetic, be sure to account for that in your load capacity calculations.

If you aim to do some yoga swings or poses at home, all you need is a yoga swing that can handle at least 50 lb. over your normal weight. Most aerial yoga hammocks should be sturdy enough for the average beginner to learn different anti-gravity yoga poses.

However, if you plan to give yoga classes or do advanced aerial fitness poses, consider investing in a studio-quality rig with a larger weight capacity that can withstand larger loads.


Make sure that your anti-gravity yoga hammock comes with a warranty. Warranties show that the manufacturers have confidence in their products and are willing to replace or repair any faults free of charge.

A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is standard, so beware of any products that don’t have at least that. Having a warranty is especially important in a product like a yoga trapeze since having it fail on you can result in serious injury.

Knowing that your yoga hammock has a manufacturer’s guarantee of working as intended can give you the peace of mind you need to push your aerial poses to the next level.


Aerial yoga hammocks come in various fabrics, but most come in either silk or nylon. Also, be careful to check the fabric no matter the swing’s name. Not all “silk” hammocks are made from silk since “aerial silk” tends to be a catch-all term for high-quality yoga slings.

Parachute-grade nylon is the most robust and durable fabric you can get, but it doesn’t have any give and can be uncomfortable to use regularly. On the other hand, silk is exceptionally comfortable and has a bit of stretch but isn’t as durable as nylon parachute fabric.

We recommend that if you’re just getting started, stick to nylon as it can stand up to a lot more abuse as you get comfortable doing aerial yoga. Once you feel comfortable and have moved past novice poses, move onto silk, which feels a lot better and is more responsive.


Is a yoga trapeze beginner-friendly?

Yes. Beginners can use their aerial yoga hammock to improve flexibility while slowly building up to more complex poses and movements.

If you’re uncomfortable or feel unsafe, get started with a yoga class or two until you get the hang of things.

How can I stop the trapeze from digging into my thighs and back?

Your aerial silk digging into your back or thighs usually indicates incorrect positioning. Finding the right position in your aerial yoga swing may require a bit of trial and error, so move around and try to find a position that feels more comfortable.

Alternatively, go to a yoga class or watch some aerial yoga swing videos to find tips on positioning yourself correctly in your swing set.

What are the health benefits of aerial yoga?

Anti-gravity yoga offers plenty of health benefits to people of all ages. A yoga inversion is an excellent way to stretch out your vertebrae and realign your spine.

Aerial poses are great for building up core strength and stretching your muscles. It can also help you achieve backbends under more controlled circumstances and take your yoga skills to the next level.

Before you start aerial yoga or any other type of yoga, always check with your physician first. Some people may have pre-existing conditions that aerial yoga may worsen, despite its health benefits.

Before You Go

Finding the best yoga swing or hammock can be tricky and depends mainly on your needs. The UpCircleSeven aerial yoga hammock is an ideal buy for novices since it’s affordable and durable enough for relatively rough use.

As you develop your skills and refine your needs, you’ll want to invest in the type of aerial yoga equipment that will allow you to grow. If you’re going to advance your aerial yoga skills, the best yoga hammock is the AUM Aerial Yoga Hammock, which has no handles.

It offers flexibility and a much more significant challenge for aerial yoga enthusiasts while doubling up as a double-point hammock for those lazy summer days.

If you want a high-quality product, you can’t go wrong with the Yogabody Aerial Yoga trapeze. It uses top of the line fabrics, has an excellent carrying capacity, and comes with one of the best manufacturers’ warranties on the market.

Aerial yoga can change your life, so don’t be afraid to try it out. No matter what your weight, health, or budget, there’s an aerial yoga hammock out there that’s just right for you.

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